Creating a more interesting class just got easier!

Adding premium content to your Canvas course – Nice! Adding premium content while paying nothing? Awesome! Adding free premium content to your course from a simple search without ever leaving Canvas? Tremendously excellent! Use the D’Youville Library’s new Curriculum Builder tool to take advantage of all the library has to offer and forge a course full of high quality material like research articles, ebooks and video.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Instructional Videos

Are you in a research funk? Sometimes, it is hard to know where to start when beginning the research project. Likewise, the research process can easily become daunting. The D’Youville College Library wants to help make the research process straightforward and easy for you, which is why we created a new page within our website to help you find instructional video tutorials.

Who doesn’t love watching videos? Sometimes an instructional video is the easiest way to learn something new in regards to research. We have created a series of instructional videos that highlight search techniques for a variety of our library resources, including several of our most used databases. We have also designed several instructional tutorials on how to use Spartan Search to conduct research. In addition, we have curated YouTube video playlists for many of our library resources to help further assist you with all of your academic research ventures. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. We are here to help!

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Let’s Talk about Higher Education Like Your Job Depended on It!

“Yale’s Old Campus at Dusk” by Namkota is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Are you a faculty member wondering what others are doing to create engaging courses, or are you an administrator trying to keep up with current trends at peer institutions? Find this information and more in the publication that over 350,000 academics trust for updated higher education news, analysis and opinion – the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The D’Youville Library pays for institutional access to this award winning publication saving you the $95 annual subscription fee. Keep informed on current trends and news in higher education with daily updates from the web site.

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Library Access After Graduation

Are you graduating soon? It is time to figure out which library resources you will still have access to after graduation. The library provides thousands of resources to the D’Youville College community. Upon graduation, you will lose access to all of the online databases the library provides to you as a student. Many online resources are not freely available, so the library spends a high percentage of our budget per year to provide access to online resources for the college community and sadly, these benefits do not extend to student once they have graduated.

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How much are you worth? A short guide to measuring your research efforts

The list of ways to measure the impact a researcher’s work is long, but no single system is comprehensive. Using a single metric may give a distorted perspective. Below are some simple tips you can use to get a balanced view of their work.

The number of citations an author has is a traditional measure of impact. While is easier than ever to get a citation count with the help of Google Scholar, this method may provide a skewed view of an author’s work when used alone.

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