Try these three great medical resources from Wolters Kluwer-Ovid for a limited time!

The library is running a short trial of three major medical databases from Wolters Kluwer- Ovid, the leading medical research platform for medical professionals. These comprehensive resources are different from many of our journal based databases and include videos, case studies, diagnostic tests, textbooks and more.

Great for all of our medical disciplines, take a look today and let us know if we should purchase for the future.

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Hitchcock Psycho Analysis

Frantically trying to finish that research paper on Alfred Hitchcock? We have put together a list of some great ebooks in the D’Youville Library collection that offer critical views of movies made by the late, great director.

Scripting Hitchcock:Psycho, The birds, and Marnie

Nominated for a nonfiction Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America, Scripting Hitchcock explores the collaborative process between Alfred Hitchcock and the screenwriters he hired to write the scripts for three of his greatest films: Psycho, The Birds, and Marnie.

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Finding Research Instrument Examples Made Easy

Exploring examples of how others do research is part of the literature review process. One of the key features that students are often looking for are examples of the measurement tools used in the published medical literature.

Trying to search these sources by research instrument is not easy in most databases. It is even harder if you don’t have a specific research instrument in mind and want to explore what options might be available. The CINAHL database can help you quickly identify and find articles by research instrument used with the CINAHL Subject Heading tool.

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The missing link: sharing library permalinks with your classes

Your guide to getting it right!

The library has a multitude of online content you can add to your class without having to worry about copyright or other restrictions. We have a little bit of everything including journal articles, ebooks and streaming videos from a variety of disciplines. It is all free for you to use in your class.

Linking to some of our resources can be confusing though. Licensing, authentication and DRM make linking to library material harder than bookmarking a web site. Many of our databases create temporary urls that only exist during the search session. Grabbing the link will take others to an error message.

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Refworks Enables You to Share Your Knowlege With the Team

Keep your research collaborations easy using Proquest Refworks shareable folders. Pick your partners and share a folder to let them see your contributions to the project or allow them to add items of their own to quickly build a comprehensive knowledge base.

Don’t forget the additional benefit of being able to easily create a works cited page in just about any style from the information you have gathered.

Below are brief instructions for sharing and adjusting folder permissions for D’Youville College library patrons.

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